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These lively, intimate, and informal evenings feature guest speakers accompanied by music, film footage and stimulating conversation. Attended by jazz and tap aficionados and inquisitive novices alike, this series combines entertainment and education in a relaxed atmosphere which fosters audience participation.

This past season the Studio hosted tap dancer/comedienne/ scholar Jane Goldberg (“The Challenge”; “Cutting Sessions: Talking Tap with Gregory Hines”); jazz composer/pianist Mark Kross (“Exploring Jazz”); documentary filmmaker Sharon Arslanian (“Eddie Brown’s ‘Scientific Rhythm‘”); and jazz/pop culture journalist and author Jim Gerard (“A Great Day In Harlem”).

February brings acclaimed tap choreographer Heather Cornell on her collaborations with master musicians, in particular her extensive work with Ray Brown, and later this season Jim Gerard will return to discuss the intersecting artistic influences of jazz and dance in the twentieth century.

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